Confectionary Necessities

Baked Goods You'll Love!



We carry breads for every taste. Whether it be sweet breads like Cardamom Braids, crispy Italian rounds, delicious Sourdough, Grissini breadsticks, light fluffy Shokupan or a beautiful Focaccia! We can't wait til you taste what we've got baking!



From old fashion classics like our famous Mr's B's chocolate chip cookies, Mama Cookies (our take on milano cookies) to hearty cookies like oatmeal raisin and our Kitchen Sink cookies. Once you've eased in feel free to taste a ride into decadence with wild colors and flavors in our macarons!


Breakfast Goodies

Sit back and relax with one of our scones, danishes or muffins. Our breakfast goodies are less sweet than you'll find most other places so you can better taste to natural fruit flavors! Our bumbleberry scones are our most popular.