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The Road so Far

Brian's (Bear) first ever job was working at Mary's Pastry Shop in Berlin, CT. A bakery well known for its rye and seasonal breads. Before becoming Super Dad to twins, 

Brian was the "frosting guy" at NoRa Cupcake Company in Middletown, CT. 

Kelly's (Buby) first ever job was at Sweet Tooth in Avon, CT.

She loved helping design the displays

and decorating personalized piggy banks.  

Brian and Kelly were long time friends before starting to date.

On one of their first dates Brian made Kelly dinner and Kelly made Brian dessert. Their love and passion for food has always been an important part of their relationship,

Their twins, Sam and Dean are their life purpose. Dean has said Brian is a great dad because he, "makes us good food."

We believe that mealtimes are not only a way to show your love through food but to reconnect together as a family.